Naples, the former Inps building has become a college student residence with hotels and restaurants

The first student residence in Naples will open in 2025. The construction site is open for the renovation of the building in Via Galileo Ferraris.

The former headquarters of the INPS Via Galileo Ferraris In Naples it becomes a residence for university students. The colossal complex of more than 15,000 square metres, is just a few steps away from central station From Piazza Garibaldi, it will be completely restructured, redeveloped and transformed into Student housing. There will be more 353 roomsfor about 500 beds, with arrangements download And the hoteldedicated in particular to students off site. But also Restaurants and study and leisure rooms.

The first student residence in Naples will open in 2025

The student residence will be linked to all university sites thanks to the public transport network and will be managed by Campus TenItalian operator in the university housing sector. The opening is scheduled for May 2025. This is the first renovation initiative from iGeneration Funddone before Investire SGR (Banca Finnat Euramerica Group) And he attended CDP Real Asset SGRAnd With South Foundation And other institutional investors, to invest approx 40 million from the euro.

An urban resort with restaurants and classrooms

the Concept Thinking of creating urban resortconsisting of more than 353 rooms equipped with innovative technological infrastructure of about 500 beds and mainly intended for university users, and secondly, city ​​users And young professionals in the presence of the component Short-term (hotel and hostel). Its renewal is part of a broader urban regeneration plan that concerns the entire eastern quarter of the city: the initiative aims in fact to create positive social and environmental impacts, in line with the socially responsible investment strategies of the iGeneration Fund.

Moreover, the structure will be equipped with common areas for the residential use of users as well as executive spaces dedicated to activities joint work Organizer. The model therefore aspires to have a hybrid spirit, aiming to promote the creation of a community, a material engine of social aggregation not only vertically – between the different users of the structure – but horizontally, between the resort and the city of Naples.

He will be entrusted with the future management of the structure Campus Ten, an Italian operator in the university housing sector, which together with Investire SGR oversaw the long process of structuring the initiative in order to optimize the assets also in terms of digital innovation and sustainability. Thus, Campus X is progressing on its expansion trajectory, having already managed and implemented initiatives for around 5,000 beds and a consolidated pipeline that will lead to the 10,000 bed target by 2026.

“First intervention in southern Italy”

The project was presented this morning at a press conference organized by the Municipality of Naples, in the presence of Gaetano ManfrediMayor of Naples, Matthew LorettoRector of Federico II University, Giancarlo ScottiCEO of CDP Real Asset SGR (CDP Group), Stephen CouncilPresident of CON IL SUD Foundation, Dominic BellottaManaging Director of Investire SGR (Banca Finnat Euramerica Group), ed Ernest AlbanesePresident of Campus X.

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to Giancarlo ScottiCEO, CDP Real Asset SGR,

“This is the first intervention that we are doing in the South on the student housing front, a tool that focuses on the future of young people, their educational path, and hinders the acceleration of our strategy to support social infrastructures for living, focusing on all the “3 SES” of social housing: social housing, students and the elderly – He says – it is also an important urban renewal project: we will return to the city a building that has been abandoned for some time, which will be renovated according to the highest technological and sustainable standards and which will be perfectly integrated into the neighborhood, with open spaces for citizens to meet the needs of co-working “.

while Stephen CouncilPresident of the CON IL SUD Foundation, adds:

“The creation of a residence in the center of Naples dedicated to students and young professionals is an important initiative for us for at least two reasons: not only as a form of investment, but also as an opportunity to make a social impact on the territory”.

Dominic BellottaManaging Director of Investire SGR, confirms:

“After a long process of structuring the fund and consolidating the urban and building development of the estate, we are proud to start the construction site of the first initiative of the iGeneration Fund, but above all, we are proud to invest in the city of Naples and to help promote the asset class of structured university housing starting from the south, in line with With the objectives of the PNRR, we will redevelop an abandoned property to return it to the city, thus participating in the broader benign regeneration projects already envisaged for this quarter, offering a structured housing offer with different levels of marginalization, tailored to the students of tomorrow.”

in the end, Ernest AlbanesePresident of CampusX, concludes:

“Finally, CampusX has landed in Naples. As a Neapolitan, I am particularly proud to announce that in 2025 we will open our first university residence in the city. The CX in Naples will be a structure of international prestige for the diversity and quality of services offered to students and young professionals. A place to contaminate cultures and experiences different, in an environment marked by the values ​​of sustainability and inclusivity: all characteristic elements of the DNA of CampusX. We are convinced that this new university residence will also bring benefits to the Neapolitan universities, strengthening their ability to attract Italian students and non-resident foreigners”.

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