Naples, first shot in 2022: Curiosity about the Tuanzebe affair

Napoli on the verge of closing the first shot in 2022: Axel Tuanzebe will wear the blue jersey, curiosity about his transfer

Axel Tuanzebe
Axel Tuanzebe (Labris)

Napoli strengthens its defensive section. The blue company, given the splits for African Nations Cup Farewell to Manolas, he had to immediately invest to give Spalletti a versatile player, the Joker as Juan Jesus.

Based on reports Sky Sports, negotiation between Naples e Manchester United for every Axel Tuanzebe It is now defined. The player born in 1997 will arrive on loan, with the possibility of talk of a possible sale in the coming months. Axel plays a central role, and can also play on the wings, especially the right side. The Blue Club will pay the Red Devils 500 thousand euros For a player loan. And in the history of Naples, he was alone The second time That the player be transferred from his nationality.

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Tuanzebe in Naples, he will be the second Englishman to wear blue

Tuanzebe in an Aston Villa shirt
Tuanzebe with Aston Villa shirt (La Presse)

He is currently still a defender of Aston Villa but for a few more days according to Sky Sports, Axel Tuanzebe will soon be a new player at Napoli. In the event of an official paragraph, in the history of the Blue Club, this will only be the second time it has been English football player Signing a contract. And like the previous one, it is a loan.

In fact, he was the first English footballer to play for Napoli Nathaniel Shaloba, who came on loan from Chelsea in the 2015-16 season. He played only 9 matches and scored a goal in the European League, without leaving much of his mark on the sporting level, but a good memory in Napoli fans for what he showed so little on the field.

twanzebeSo he will be the second Englishman to wear the blue clothes. The defender was born in CongoBut at 8 years old Move to the UK With his parents, he spent all of his adolescence in England. The Manchester United-owned footballer will surely have more chances to show off than Chaluba, as Napoli will be without Koulibaly for most of January.

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