Naimi lost weight thanks to the secrets revealed by her personal trainer: the interview

Carlo Di Stefano has been working with the Romanian singer since 2017, and reveals the secrets of her preparation

Kiara Zucchini

February 20

– Rome

This certainly does not do justice to the great artist. But it is one of the first results that appear on Google when searching.Noemi“It’s about his diet, his training, his physical change. The Romanian singer has never hidden that she wants to revolutionize her appearance with proper nutrition and lots of training and she does the same. Carlo Di Stefano His personal trainer. With him we start from the change that Noemi, the stage name of Veronica Scopelletti, has made in recent years.

How long have you been training together?

“More or less 2017, the time she was busy with The Voice. We gradually started, in small steps, in the weight room, with some tools. Then we moved on to free and functional body training.”

Is she behind Naimi’s physical form?

“No, there’s Veronica by the strength of her will. I coach him, and maybe yes, I was able to honor his times, especially at first. I didn’t pressure her, I waited for her to want and she needed to ramp up her work. And that’s how it happened.”

In detail, what kind of training do you do?

“Sort of hands-on, which means everything and doesn’t mean anything like that. First of all, they are targeted, created based on their wants and needs, as I do with all the people I work with. In general, it’s a training where tools are used. specific as trx, medicine balls, hexagons, then we move on to the free body work that is metabolism. Let’s go ahead to tackfet: It is a training that comes from the US Special Forces, naturally adapted to ordinary people, with a high intensity between 20 and 25 minutes. These actions affect the level of metabolism.”

In practice: work less time but better.

“Yes more or less. We go to work on a deep hormonal level to create “eustress“, as they call it in America. Positive pressure. That is why time matters, too.”

Then there is the “crossover”.

“Yes, it was coded by an Italian coach working in Civitavecchia, this is called Pierluigi MauroFIPE Professor, and anticipates the exercises they do to complement the work I do with Noemi.”

Are they specific exercises but can everyone do them in general terms?

“Yes, you have to start with small tools because starting from the free body can be tiring. It is not always possible to train on set days, even with Noemi it is, but by working at least two days a week you can get results. Let’s say you have to Go two to four days. As long as everything is linked to good nutrition.”

“It depends on the goal. If we talk about aesthetics: 70% nutrition, 30% training. On the other hand, if we are talking only about well-being, training has a higher percentage.”

How has the personal trainer’s work changed in light of the pandemic?

“Online lessons have certainly increased, small personal studios are reborn, and that kind of business is on the rise. But overall, our sector, which has suffered so much in the previous months, is now also breathing because in the pandemic, many have trained on their own, and taken a pair of Boots and they went for a run and maybe got injured. Instead, you have to rely on the professionals.”

“Yeah, obviously who can with a character, otherwise just going to the gym. Noemi, for example, when she is very busy, she trains with the card I gave her, sometimes half an hour and some tools is really enough. The important thing is to be We are persistent and motivated, which is why we often change the type of exercise. We also need imagination.”

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