Nadia, Nurse: “In Italy, only those who were recommended to go ahead and show solidarity with my colleague Marcelo because of the injustice he suffered.” –

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A message from Nadia, a nurse, reopens the debate on “easy” promotions in the NHS: “In Italy only the recommended recommendations, and solidarity with my colleague Marcelo for the injustice he suffered.”

Hello manager,

I am writing to express my solidarity with my colleague Marcelo Who told on February 18 how a colleague had replaced him in the organizational job, despite not having the necessary requirements including a master’s format.

I can say I had a similar experience. I am 50 years old, I have worked as a nurse for nearly 30 years, during my career, I have struggled a lot to achieve the training that I got by combining study and work, and I can be satisfied with the preparation that has been done, but despite myself I find I have had to Doing the calculations, Marcelo asserts, with a complete lack of transparency and rampant corruption, which despite the decree of October 31, 2009, is in effect continuously, especially at the public level.

Unfortunately, however, we have been abandoned to ourselves by all institutions that clearly have an interest in favoring certain subjects regardless of any merit-based method. And if you ever try to raise your head and challenge this system that uses only recommendations, you should start to fear that everything will backfire!

What a great sadness !!!

Nadia, a nurse

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