“Mystyny ​​2021”, beach volleyball show in San Feliciano di Magoni

Twenty-one pairs of volleyball champions at Zocco Beach in San Feliciano di Magione. Everything is ready for the second edition of ‘Mystyny ​​2021’, the tournament organized by the Fintibeachers group that will crown the winning duo. The event will take place between Saturday and Sunday.

Rules and favorites

Born from historic Torneo dell’Amore, Mystiny 2021 is expected to play pairs throughout: Saturday will be devoted to groups that will determine the order in which Sunday’s double elimination board will be decided. There are two pairs in first place: one made up of Filippo Puccini, who will play next season in the Volleyball Division One with newly promoted Taranto, and Giada Vergoni, gold medalist of the National Beach Club Championship in Bibione in the Masters category. 35 with Iacact Sport4nonprofit Perugia colors; The other was formed by Filippo Agostini, an experienced A2 and A2 rider, and Rachel Mancinelli who, after brackets in A2 with Bartocini Perugia, chose to try college volleyball in the United States.

famous faces

Famous faces on the regional volleyball scene will also be champions: Marta Giunti, Briglizzi Secogna, Cassianelli Gradasi, Piersanti Maioli and Urbani Galina. A great curiosity of foreigners, in their first post, Ciulli-Recine and Falegnami-Valdambrini: “It seemed impossible to succeed, but the summer of 2021 will also have a ‘Mystyny.’ It was not – as the head of the Fintibeachers, Luca Cesarini – explains – something very clear given for the difficulties encountered last year. The tournament was immediately a hit in terms of signups: Already seven days after the announcement, we have completed the lists. Big thanks to the sponsors. We would also like to thank Gianni and Andrea from “Zocco Beach” for their wonderful site, which will host for the second year “Mystyny ​​2021”, and the online magazine “VolleyUmbria” for their collaboration as media partner. Last but not least, a special thanks to our exceptional collaborator Gianluca Carloncelli, a wonderful friend and professional volleyball professional, a reference point for the Umbrian Beach movement for his limitless experience, always available to put his skills at service Anyone. A sporting event.”

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