Mysterious red lights? They are lamps for fishing boats –

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They are not UFOs and they are not volcanic eruptions or secret weapons tests. The most creative hypotheses appeared on American social networks. CNN breaks it all down: It’s LED lights for catching mackerel

Underwater explosions? Super-secret weapons test? Aliens? Antimatter? Entering into another dimension? None of this: simple led lights for marine fishing boats to seize the Tire Pacific (Collabis saura), a Mackerel-like fish is very popular in Japan and Korea. A group of hypotheses erupted on US social networks when the pilot of a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean at an altitude of 9,500 meters took some pictures, saying he didn’t know what those mysterious red lights could be.

deep sea fishing boats

So much so that even a file CNN He did a service to discover the mystery. It was enough to meet meteorologist Neil Jacobs to dismantle all fanciful assumptions: they are LED lights for ocean fishing boats. To confirm his thesis also published A link to a specialized website that tracks the locations of marine fishing vessels in real timeWhich coincided with the coordinates of the place where the image was taken from above.

seen from space

The flares were so intense that they could be seen from the International Space Station, which orbits 400 kilometers above Earth. Or it was enough to always check Twitter, where on August 3, 2019 a photo was posted with similar flares taken on a scheduled flight. Another “puzzle” has been solved.

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