My number: Who’s a girlfriend. Age, album, sanremo and gym

DigitalNick name Mirco Manuel MartoranaMilan, born 1994 AD sanremo – Where he competed with the song unparalleled – He was a guest, for the first time, on deejay calling italy.

His album was released in 2021 entitled taxi driverin addition to creating a branded subsidiary MTV UnpluggedI was Best selling album of 2021triple platinum certification, 12 singles platinum certification, and made Rkomi the third most listened to Italian artist on Spotify.

Mirko has now announced the release of eight new songs enriching the already successful “Taxi Driver”.

The eight tracks in the project are proud of Is characterized by Unpredictable and precious, allowing Rkomi to “explore deeper into every corner of Italian song.” there Dargin D’Amicowith whom he participated in a duet full of nonsense and surreal comedy in the piece “Maleducata”, and caliber 35 In a classic cover of Vasco Rossi “Fegato Fegato pulped”. We also find a file ore In the editor “I’m afraid of you” Elodie In the piece “Devil’s Tail”.

live with Linus And the Nicolas SavinoMy number talked about his beginnings with him maracas and cooperate with Elisa.

My number: I came from a working class neighborhood and started raping

In the second part of the interview, Digital Tell some curiosity about his private life. “are you engaged?” asked Linus and Nicolas Savino. “My job but at the moment I am single,” Mirko replied sarcastically. Then the singer talked about the social gym he opened in Milan with some friends. “I opened it with guys like me who have a passion for Muay Thai,” he explained live.

Digital. Gloves, Gym Social, and Girlfriend: “I’m Single But My Business…”

Rkumi’s Rise from Marrakech to Taxi Driver

Born in 1994, Rkomi began his career at just 17 years old with the first mixed tapes he produced himself. Having gained great fame and credibility In the Italian rap scene (So ​​much so that his first official album, I’m on the groundas an art product maracas), continues his evolutionary path and discovery of music by becoming passionate about Italian rock and song. Then he embarks on a path of study and deepening that leads him to begin to approach the melody and create a musical genre in its own right, with no boundaries or definitions, between the rap music it comes from and the writing of the songs it aspires to.

his latest official work, taxi driverreleased on April 30, 2021, is a concept album Where she hosts an artist for each track (Tomaso Paradiso, Gazelle, Ariette, Irama, Chablo, Sfera Ebbasta, Rochelle, Dardust, Ernia, Gaya, Tommy Daly, Cello), accompanies them along the route and adapts his style to each of the “passengers” he hosts in the his car.
A special copy of the license plate for the taxi driver has also been created MTV is not connectedIt was recorded live and on audio at Teatro Carcano in Milan with several exclusive guests.

Taxi Driver: New Songs

01. Introduction (the last curve)
02. Unbeatable (Available after Sanremo Fair)
03. Devil’s Tail (with Elodie)
05. I’m Afraid of You (with Karakaz)
06. Caliber Marinated Liver 35 (available from Feb 5)
07. Bus at night
08. Friend Where are you?

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