“My event with The Rock? You gotta see what the WWE fans want”

Roman times: "My event with The Rock?  You have to see what the WWE fans want"

One of the competitions that WWE Universe fans have wanted to watch for several years now is the entire family challenge between Stamford’s tribal leader, Roman Reigns and the internationally and internationally most famous cousin, The Rock.

After disappearing from the McMahon Corporation episodes, The Rock actually embarked on a star career on film sets in the United States, becoming the highest-paid actor in Hollywood of all time, for two consecutive years.

Although his commitments are many and his schedule is always full, on several occasions he has managed a few trips to the episodes that made him famous before the cinema, the ones for WWE, with the former world champion also crowning his cousin. Roman, when he won the only Royal Rumble title, in 2015.

Roman Reigns vs. The Rock a WrestleMania, Avvira May?

Talking about one of the controversies that might sell more at the moment in the professional wrestling markets around the world, namely the dispute between The Rock and Roman Reigns, the absolute champion of Friday Night Smackdown wanted to speak, which in his latest interview with the microphones by Ariel Halawani, for ESPNIn fact, he mentioned:

I want to create the greatest and biggest moments that entertainment history can face.

So if you want to do that you have to share him in the photo as well, then absolutely yes. And it all comes back to the end and I think he will agree with that too, so you just have to see what the audience thinks about it.

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What do our fans want to see? How will we enjoy them? Creating the trick will be necessary to make it look real and credible. These are the moments I want to create. “ Although Vince McMahon had studied the idea several times to bring Rocky back into his episodes, it has seemed increasingly complicated in recent years, with decades tying the actor to his films, preventing him from participating in anything active in WWE episodes, because if he is injured, The Rock had banned all filming and projects related to him, which would have lost millions and millions of dollars due to his absence.

We’ll see in the next few years if WWE finds a way to bring the beloved former world champion back to McMahon Field, to everyone’s pleasure.

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