My daughter in Bali? I have the right to be a mother as I wish.

Georgia Meloni He does not agree and responds to the controversy – generated above all on social networks – over the existence of his daughter Geneva in G20 Bali. “As I return home after two days of uninterrupted action to best represent Italy in the G-20, I am faced with a dizzying debate as to whether it is right to take my daughter with me while I am away for four days. The question I pose to the animators in this rousing discussion is: Do you think the manner in which my daughter should be brought up is a matter of concern to you? For I give you news: it is not. I have the right to be a mother as I please and the right to do all I can for this nation without depriving Geneva of a mother. I hope you will This answer is enough to get you to deal with more relevant and obscure questions within your competence.”

First time daughter in delegation

The Bali summit wasn’t the first time in an international summit just for Georgia Meloni. In fact, at the G20 in Indonesia, Geneva made its debut, the 6-year-old daughter that the Prime Minister has already made clear, He has no intention of being ignored. Thus, despite having to deal with the prime minister’s tight schedule and travel delays, the little girl was able to have breakfast and dinner with her mother.

Giorgia And Geneva Meloni First Time

It was a first time for both of them, moreover, after a day of free time the little girl spent chiefly in the swimming pool with the governess, leading to a family picnic. In fact, as revealed by an Indonesian source, the Italian prime minister’s title featured prominently in the list of people booked to visit the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. It is a private marine reserve north of Nusa Dua (the place where the G20 is being held) where it is possible to enjoy dozens of very rare specimens of turtles, carefully cared for by the operators of what is one of the first attractions on the island.

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