“My 98-year-old aunt was discharged from the hospital without warning at 11pm on Christmas Eve for an emergency medicine launch”

CIVITANOVA – Amedeo Regeni tells the epic and denounces: “In order to reconvert the department in the Covid area, people were treated like Amazon parcels. They called us to tell us they would send her home at 4 pm, but the wait lasted seven hours, they said there were no ambulances”

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From Laura Bucanera

“I was discharged from the hospital 9 hours after the call to release the emergency medication and divert it to the Covid zone without warning and on Christmas Eve.” Christmas was full of worries and the phone calls of a family from Civitanova who were called by the hospital on Christmas Eve to announce the resignation of a relative, A 98-year-old woman with a disability and not being self-sufficient Admitted to hospital for respiratory problems.

Amedeo Regeni, her 98-year-old niece, tells the story of the Christmas saga: “On Christmas Eve at 2 pm, a phone call arrives from one of my close relatives on the phone of one of my close relatives announcing her aunt’s resignation at 4 pm by an ambulance. At 4pm we were all at home waiting for the woman to arrive and provide help in a difficult situation, but the wait went on for hours and the ambulance didn’t arrive until 11pm. It was rough hours because the reason for this delay was not known and it was impossible to talk to anyone. In the end we learned that there were no ambulances available to take patients home.”

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Regeni talks about the difficulties in finding people and information on Christmas Day, from a family doctor to learn about health conditions and treatment to be performed, even a caregiver to cover all hours with the elderly, is virtually impossible to find on Christmas Day with similar urgency. “We called the family doctor to explain how to proceed and he said he would talk about it again on Monday.. I am well aware of the pressure on hospitals and the hard work of doctors and nurses, but some questions should be asked – says Regeni – who runs the hospital and the vast 3, how did they organize to free the emergency medicine department? These people were sent home as Amazon parcels. Did they know or not that in this pavilion there were fragile people who were not even fully self-sufficient? Logistics of this bad word had to be planned based on the availability of ambulances. Since 7 hours (of anguish) have passed since the announcement of the patient’s discharge date, it is clear that there has been no regulation.”

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