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Musumeci Decree: Temporary commitment for people coming from the UK and Germany

Mandatory swab for those arriving in Sicily from Germany and Great Britain, where the infection has once again spiraled out of control, and an outdoor mask in crowded places for more than 12 people. This was done by order of Governor Nilo Musumesi on the occasion of Christmas. Not a real tightening, like the one advocated by northern governors who are calling for crackdowns on non-vaccinators, but two small precautionary measures to curb the growth curve.

The decree signed today and valid until December 31 establishes the obligation to undergo screening at Sicilian ports and airports, even for travelers arriving from Germany and the United Kingdom. Currently, control is already provided to those who have presented or passed through in the past 14 days, in the USA, Malta, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and the Netherlands.

The obligation to always carry the mask with you and to wear it in all places open to the public, especially for all citizens over 12 years of age, is also emphasized. An obligation already in place in the white zone, where the use of a mask is mandatory in cases of gathering even outdoors.

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