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Boy According to Kent, A Photographic AtlasAfter traveling exhibitions and tributes of various kinds, the White Duke will have an exclusive space in London from 2025 entirely dedicated to his memorabilia. This was announced by the Victoria & Albert Museum, which in recent months has completed the acquisition of Bowie’s very rich archive: 80,000 items including letters, costumes, photographs and other objects attributed to the life and career of the artist who died at this age in 2016, will be called The structure is the name of the David Bowie Center for the Study of the Performing Arts and is to be established in the east of the capital of the United Kingdom, not too far from Brixton, the famous southern suburb of the city and which once gave birth to the musician on January 8, 1947, and who in 1962 provided the first stage for his eclectic, eccentric genius, when He was still a teenager.

the group It will also make available to the public unpublished elements “from the creative process of an innovator of music and icon of popular culture,” confirmed Tristram Hunt, former deputy and director of the museum in a note. It would include not only lyrics scripts, scores, writing, and instrumentals, but also costumes such as those for which the album is known. Ziggy Stardust (1972), or from the concerts of the ’73 Aladdin Sane tour. Plus photos and images by some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century such as Terry O’Neill, Brian Duffy and Helmut Newton. “To become the custodians of these wonderful archives and to have the ability to open them to the public is a dream come true,” Hunt added. The operation, which highlights the Museum of London: «It was achieved by the will of David Bowie’s heirs, including his widow Iman and his son Duncan, and his first wife Angie Barnett, and through a dedicated donation of 10 million pounds sterling that was placed on the museum. A painting from the Blavatnik Family Foundation (a charitable foundation headed by Soviet-British-American billionaire Len Blavatnik) and the music branch of the giant Warner Group ».

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