Mundfish will remove the racist cartoon, here is the offensive scene –

Authors Atomic heart They confirmed it They will remove racist cartoons which appears inside the shooter. All this will happen by patching.

As I mentioned Kat Bailey from IGN USAthe Atomic Heart team shared this release: “The Mundfish team would like to thank PC Gamer contributor for bringing this insensitivity to our attention. We’re sorry if the use of animation or period music caused damage or injury. We will amend the parts in question.”

Referring to the animation introduced in Atomic Heart that can be seen through one of the TVs in the game. Inside it depicts A Black person cartoon, as it often happened in old Western cartoons. This is clearly a racist representation. You can see a dedicated clip in the tweet below.

According to a Twitter user, The cartoon is “The Hare and the Wolf”., an old series. So it wouldn’t be an original creation by the Mundfish team made specifically for the game. Above you can see the offending character of the series.

However, the impression is that it is the same Censorship Associated with a minor element of the game that will be processed as quickly as possible.

Finally, we leave you with one of our in-depth articles called Atomic Heart and the importance of bringing it into a video game.

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