Mps-Unicredit, Case Gets Political: Finance Committees Ask to Hear Franco. The minister could report as early as Wednesday. Essence of Lita’s nomination in Siena

condition Monte dei Paschi di Siena and acquisition negotiations by Unicredit enters the political scene. Saturday Group Leaders PD From camera NS SenateAnd Deborah Sirakiani NS Simon lighten Like Vice Liu Stefano Fasina, next to leagueAnd M5S NS FdIThey asked the minister Daniel Franco To report to Parliament. It was noon on Sunday afternoon that the heads of the financial committees, Luigi Martin (I’ve Luciano Dalfonso (Labour), they formally drafted the request to hear from the minister already this week. From the group leaders’ conference, it emerged that Minister Franco had indicated a willingness to report, possibly on Wednesday, to the House and Senate finance committees.

FdI He had requested to be Minister of Relations with Parliament Federico de Inca To report at today’s session but the M5s has been postponed: “We are not providing availability at the moment but will try to be able to give an answer on the next call with the Group Leaders Conference.” almost Carla Rocco He announced that the Banks Investigation Committee may meet early tomorrow to take a decision regarding the convening of the Ministry of Economy. But sources from the financial committees indicated in this regard that the committee “should investigate the past, not the future.”

I Senators M5s From the Committee on Banking, Budget and Finance in a note write: “We have already repeated it many times: the third banking group in the country cannot and should not be run out. As M5s, we confidently reaffirm the need to protect the investments of the state, which in any case owns a majority stake in the institute. The bank is working now: but it is clear that it is still paying unfortunate choices from the past. The scenarios that appear gradually are rather bleak, and the government has not indicated a clear will for the future. We have urgently requested a meeting of the Bureau of the Banking Commission so that we can follow a clear path and, if necessary, to review the Accounts Minister Franco and the other members of the Government dealing with the file. We ask to understand what will drive the next choices, but we want steps opacity free“.

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the leagueWith Economic Director Alberto bajnai Deputy Julio centimero, declares on his part that at the time of the question he will be asked.” Estimation of direct and indirect costs to tax authorities From the negotiation proposal discussed in the media. This request is accompanied by a request to hear the Minister in a chapter on the general context of the negotiations.” The government is trying to mitigate the climate, ensuring maximum commitment to protect Careers – But there is talk of 6,000 surpluses on a voluntary basis – and the brand NS.

Story of the Monte de Paschi It obviously intersects with the by-election in October a Sienna. DM Secretary Enrico Letta He is running for the seat that was the previous minister Pier Carlo Padoan, now president of Unicredit. He hinted that in case of defeat, he would resign. This is also the reason behind the centre-right attack. “Monte dei Paschi di Siena, no to soup,” the League leader wrote in a note Matteo Salvini. And the sale is unimaginable. The association has 4 goals: to defend jobs, because 6000 surplus is unimaginable as it is supposed. Second: Defending bank branches, especially in municipalities and small cities. Third: Defending the historic brand of the oldest bank in the world. Fourth: the creation of a third Italian banking center, to bring other Emilian, Ligurian and Boolean institutions closer to Mps (at the direction of the state) in order to Convert MPS to Banca dei Territori, Intesa and UniCredit left the main players.” Salvini continues: “I add that citizens of Siena will vote for the parliamentary seat on October 3 because the PD deputy (Padoan) has resigned to become UniCredit’s president. Does it seem normal to you?”

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Labor Secretary reassures: ‘I have learned of the dangers’ related to NS But ‘rejection was meant desertin a complicated moment. I have faith my biker and in government.” But he says no to the soup hypothesis that it would be “punitive towards provinceOn the controversy surrounding Padawan, he comments: “Your nomination is another story PD, which ended in 2018. His next options are An individual“.

Essence of Lita’s nomination in Siena The Democratic Party Secretary is now a candidate for supplementary work for the city of Tuscany Unicredit. Lita, who will be in the next few days in 35 college municipalities, intends to carefully monitor the story, and is committed to supporting WorkersTo protect the brand and group unity. between Senior Executives There are also those who raise their noses because of the “excessive ease” that the former Minister of Economy went through. What? the Parliament as a candidate for Sienna And now to lead the bank that is taking the initiative to buy NS“Lita is not the type to do cross point – Add the same sources – but it is undeniable that this was Renziano PD And that’s between the current secretary and Padawan There were never relationships.” Instead, Italia coordinator viva defends Padoan Maria Elena Bosque Than in an interview day printing He argues that MPs “avoided disaster” and that those responsible for the bank’s problems are instead “inspiring strange agreements with Bank 121 and Dalmian world in Apulia, Even the unfortunate operation antonvinita“.

In the meantime, he does not let the center-right go: “We need to intervene in Parliament over the terrible conflict of interest Unicredit-PD-Monte dei Paschi di Siena – Attacks Maurizio Gaspari The Tuscan Bank cost Italian citizens millions upon millions. Bank Tuscan has been the site of branded scandals PCI-Pds-PDWe hope to have Minister Franco Come and report to the relevant committees – however, the group leader Diem lighten NS Syracian – It is necessary to have Parliament share in their proper places. galyatso Binami, deputy for the fraternity in Italy, proposes a request “without restriction in the European Union to exceed the deadline for leaving the country NS, set December 31, 2021 and avoid “neutralizing the risk of exposure to Unicredit With a state commitment of more than 10 billion.”

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job cuts – As for the estimate trade unions From 5,000 to 6,000 surpluses generated by the operation, ministerial sources assert that it is too early to make such an assessment without knowing which assets will be involved in the operation (so far only bad loans and lawsuits have been excluded). crisis NS It’s not from today – that’s what we say – but the government’s commitment to not only protect jobs but also the brand NSOf historical and economic value. Moreover, from the possible agreement with Unicredit, the executive branch is already considering interventions to protect the economy of the Siena region and sectors that are facing difficulties for some time.

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