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Masterpiece creator Marc Marquez is in Austin, as he celebrates his second win of the season. Quartararo battles behind and strengthens the top, reaching +52 on Bagnaia, third in Texas. The phenomenon of clever and clever Bastianini, who in the end ridicule Meyer and Miller sixth place. And now it’s back to Misano: 3rd best prize of the season on October 24

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Marquis Law. It was enough for the body to support him in the right way, it was enough to find a friendly track and a strong and fast bike with perfect setup that was enough… Mark’s masterpiece was presented at the Stars and Stripes table in Texas. Seeing him driving an Austin snake with his knee and elbow knocking down the asphalt was a sight. In the lead from the first to the last lap with a note, that of the score on the 2’04 foot, is hit on the asphalt stick with a revved cadence.


Marquez: “Now I can’t fight for the title”

Second victory of the year after Sachsenring’s victory for Mark, who revealed to us at the end of the race on Sky that he The bones have not yet healed, which – which Other process excludes Is that He won’t be ready to fight for a virtual championship in 2022. He built his strength over the weekend to give his all for Sunday in the race and he was right.

Fourth from +48 to +52


Quartararo: “Better than victory, I’m getting closer to my dream”

Quartararo did not win, but Second place points shine from a global point of view Where he earns a handful more compared to his direct opponent Bagnaia, reaching +52. An uphill race for Pecco because despite starting from first place he had to go up again, with great difficulty especially in the first sector and with little grip compared to Saturday. With less than 8 laps left, Miller gave him the way Which didn’t have his pace, but the Ducati rider wasn’t as good as in the last two Grand Prix races. the fourth the kidneys before Martin, Who have physically experienced a biceps problem and need to stop.

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Bastianini makes fun of Meyer and Miller


Austin, spark with Miller: Mir demoted

The clever and outspoken Inna Bastianini, who finished sixth, made fun of Meyer and Miller engaged in a smooth session unleashed by the Suzuki World Champion. The rodeo ends here…Mark Sheriff put everyone in jail and threw the keys away. Perhaps they ended up far away and in the Adriatic in front of Misano so we could see who would dive first to bring them back.

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