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Continuous development. in a MotoGP World Championship 2021 We’re in the final stages: four rounds will play and next weekend we’ll be competing at Luna Park in Austin, Texas (USA), and we’ll have a more accurate picture of the situation. The standings in MotoGP sees the French from Yamaha Fabio Quartaro At the top with 234 points, over 48 points Francesco “Pico” Bagnaia. With 100 points still available for riders, we can understand how the championship has come into the hands of the Yamaha transalpine.

However, there is one aspect that deserves attention and it has to do with Ducati. The Red, which has been an obscure tool for years (with the exception of Casey Stoner), has turned into a bike that many riders know how to move fast and can win. This can be said not to be over-nationalistic, but just look at the numbers. Three drivers from Borgo Panigale are in the top five of the maximum displacement rating: Bagnaia 2°, Johann Zarco 4° e Jack Miller 5°Not to mention the great achievements Jorge Martin (victorious in Styria) and Enea Bastianini (on the podium at Misano) in the junior seasons with GP20 and GP19.

Looking at the ratings assigned to teams and manufacturers, Team Ducati Lenovo is just one short distance from the official Yamaha, while Red stands out in the brands standings with a score of 275 points, 13 more than the stability of the three tuning forks. But how was it possible to turn such a complex bike into one accessible to more riders with a different driving style?

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Under the management of the engineer Luigi Dall’Igna there was an important impulse. Ducati has improved its cornering stability through a series of aerodynamic and chassis features. Over time, we did not see revolutions from year to year, but from a continuous study that led the red to present future gifts and related innovations, for example, to the trunk that houses the universal shock absorber.

According to experts, The “Earth Effect” design philosophy was followed.. As described by, the ducts obtained at the bottom of the air side favor the direction of the air flow downwards. A solution designed to increase the aerodynamic load at the rear and therefore better bike behavior in the curves, powered by a V4 engine that is always very powerful but isn’t surprising in delivery. In the latest tests at Misano, the team focused on the chassis and Aero-pack, while the new engine will start later.

From this point of view, An Italian bike can certainly be considered complete And the times when only the super-talented Stoner could perform are a long way off, even if the last world champion has always been the 2007 champ. The pilots will have to take a step forward, as Bagnaia may have been able to do lately.

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