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Exactly one month after launching on PCs and consoles, as well as the next generation, Milestone gave us the opportunity to try out MotoGP 21: Here are our impressions.

The release of the new episode of the racing series Milestone Officially licensed MotoGP is fast approaching, and it will be really interesting if you put yourself back in the place of the world’s strongest riders who are grappling with the upcoming tournament. For several reasons.

In fact, we are talking about the first version of the game that was also developed for the next generation platforms PS5 H Xbox Series X | S, Plus a product that should definitely give us a redesigned career compared to the already excellent one last year.

Away from the content and the technical sector, news also awaits us in terms of Play? Have Try MotoGP 21 it’s a PC Thanks to the unfinished design made available to us by the Italian development team, here are our impressions.


MotoGP 21, one of the official images for the game.

The experimental From the MotoGP 21 that we were able to test offers only a bait for the full version, with only two method Accessible (Grand Prix and Time Attack), one class (MotoGP, with current riders and teams but also classic teams), helmet editor and a total of nine Trace: Aragon, Argentina, Donnington, Jerez, Sepang, Silverstone, Texas, Valencia e Lucille.

So let’s talk about a test that focuses on Mechanical And the Sensations In-game, more than the content we will find in the final game, available from April 22nd; As part of the package that, moreover, does not allow shortcuts: you are in direct contact with the fastest vehicles and cannot get used to the less aggressive engines.

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MotoGP 21, one of the official images for the game.
MotoGP 21, one of the official images for the game.

In short, the learning curve in MotoGP 21 is steep and you have to resort to the inevitable combination of And options To “cool off” the driving experience during the first races, under the inevitable series of frustrating failures during the turns. The bike seems to brake a little and lean slowly, so being upside down on the lawn is momentary.

Therefore it is necessary to go around a lot, memorize and find the characteristics of each path separately Tracks And times Separated Ideal: the former is suggested by the interface as usual, while the latter is often misleading and should be expected with a good second. After that however, one must face opponents who depend on the levelArtificial intelligence It will be faster or less, more or less accurate.

MotoGP 21, one of the official images for the game.
MotoGP 21, one of the official images for the game.

From this point of view, we have never hidden any secret of the liking situations that may be unreal but are definitely useful for making the gameplay more varied and surprising. Let’s talk specifically about the fall From other pilots owed to them Errors Which we stick to more often and willingly: in the demo we saw a lot of them, but only because the game’s infinite code tolerates it too much.

So we’ll see the balance to be found from now until launch from Milestone, but it is clear that the game will also be played and above all on the contents. In terms of mechanics, it is not seen as big Differences Compared to what we’ve seen in MotoGP 20, the system is as durable and scalable as ever, so fans of two-wheeled racers won’t be disappointed.

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Artistic perception

Expect MotoGP 21 laps 4K H 60 fps On the new consoles, using the same dynamic metering tool seen in RIDE 4. The PC version that we tested, which seemed to us really stable, would be the best embodiment of this loop, being able to reach true 2160 pixels and maintain it at 60 frames with zero effort Clear to anyone RTX 3070, While preserving all effects to the maximum.

In the circles there are some tricks aimed at making the scenario visually richer and more vibrant, but again it is the effects and some details (see the polygonal models of the characters, somewhat dated, the animations are always the same trophies) that define the artistic distance between Milestone products and games The most famous driving. Who knows whether it will be filled.

We had no doubts about the MotoGP 21 system, which was also confirmed in this demo as being solid, multifaceted and clearly leaning towards simulated realism, with few compromises regarding some specific aspects of the ride experience. Technically, the new episode works very well on PC, with 4K at 60 fps and all effects maximized on the RTX 3070, but we’ll also have to see what the graphics will be like on the consoles. The main modes remain shrouded in mystery, which will really make a difference.


  • Strong, persuasive and assertive leadership model
  • An experience that is scalable in different ways
  • On PC, it moves well in 4K and 60fps …


  • … but how will it behave on the console?
  • Will the new career live up to expectations?
  • Will the gameplay offer any new ideas?
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