MotoGP 2022. Australian Grand Prix. Fabio Quartararo looks more than disappointed, resigns: ‘I don’t have to think about world championships’ – MotoGP

The French rider: “In Malaysia we have to try to be there. I struggled a bit to warm up the rear tyre.”

October 16 2022

Dr..To silence and frustration after Thailand to withdraw in Australia a different mood. Fabio Quartaro Back almost quit After a very difficult race of the day which, after an excellent start, quickly blended into the group until he made a mistake in Turn 4 which led him to a 22nd place finish.

From there the short-lived comeback began: on lap 11 Quartararo crashed, thus closing the race. Competitor Pecco Bagnaia finished third and now, with two races remaining, the standings says: Bagnaia 233, Quartararo 219 and Aleix 206.

His analysis of the race…

“It’s not the result I expected. In the fourth I got it wrong, I couldn’t stop, then I tried to regroup and I don’t know, I didn’t brake too late but I crashed. I struggled a bit to get warm over the rear tire. Then it was hard, I was in the back, And I tried to overtake, 4-5 passengers but I also had to try to save the tires”

TheThe problem is that you have to drive too much?

“Yes, of course I go over the limit but that’s not the only problem, the problem is that I drive differently than the others, when I drive alone I am strong but when I am in the race it is hard. You have to ride the bike in a different style than the others and that makes the races difficult when they are in Group. We have to try to find a solution for the last two races.”

Was it more difficult than in Thailand?

“No, I made a mistake at 4 o’clock”

Quartararo immediately talked about the next race…

“In Malaysia we have to try to be there. I think it will be much warmer and it will be easier to put the hot tire on the back. I think for a while I don’t have to think about the world championship but I am trying. Enjoy the last two races. Malaysia can be a good race For us, we have to keep our focus and do our best.”

In FP4 you tried the racing soft rear tire, and seeing how the Marquez ran, are you sorry you didn’t pick it up?

“Yes, I regret it but it’s too late, an experiment for the future”

Do you think it is a miracle that you have been a leader so far despite your technical inferiority?

“I don’t think it can be called a miracle, we did a great job and an excellent first part of the season, I will try to do my best”

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