Moto Guzzi Centennial: New engine – unprecedented – on the way

100 years of historyThis is the prestigious goal that Moto Guzzi achieved this year. To celebrate this important anniversary, Roberto Colagno, President and CEO of the Biagio Group, announced that “It will generate the centenary of Guzzi, whose project can be presented at the upcoming Eicma. It will be extraordinary in technology, design and performanceWhat do you expect next? What bike will the Centenary Guzzi be? Still too early to say, but come on The first teaser picture spread From Mandello’s house, you can see a motorcycle with all the sport’s features bare, with a fairing half and a rear license plate holder mounted on the swingarm. Maybe it’s going to be the naked sport we’ve been talking about for a while.

What we know for sure is that the “Guzzi del centenario” will be equipped Brand new engine, so there is no upgrade for anything that already exists. In the full Guzzi tradition, it will be a V-twin with a 90-degree cylinder inclination and just over 1,000 cc of displacement. This engine will then have liquid cooling, 4 valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshaft timing which will supposedly be controlled via a mixed chain/gear system. About the longitudinal inclination of mounting the engine in the chassis, we still do not have any information, but what we do know is A change in the placement of the intake and exhaust systems compared to the current V90. The new engine will not have an intake behind the cylinder and exhaust in the front, but rather the first in the center of the V-engine and the exhaust manifold that will exit the outboard cylinders. In this way, the new V90 will be able to deliver a power of just over 110 hp.

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