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Valentino Rossi started the 2021 World Championships uphill and despite having an official bike in Petronas, Yamaha is always behind. Even if I occasionally see some small flashes of the winner Rossi he was, the seasonal irony is that he is on the track with a new bike, while his teammate is Franco Morbidly works very quickly With an updated vehicle, but definitely with fewer capabilities. So There is an idea going under the counter This will probably not satisfy those who have supported Valentino since the reign of Polo Osvaldo. Or replace the two bikes run by the Malaysian team H. Giving the morbidly smaller the chance to raise the stakes.

He is certainly not the first to consider such an option, but British journalist Michael Scott, writing for MCN, has made the situation quite clear. His words deserve a quote Given that the topic relates to the Russian patriot, A treasure trove of Italian motorcycles, which, however, are struggling to get results today. This is the primary criterion in any sporting field to determine who stays and who leaves.

Mugello is a part of MotoGP’s history, and Rousey was a model student at its corners. For more than 10 years, between his first and last wins, the curvy curves of the course were his property. He won continuously from 2002 to 2008, four times from first place. This was, in the course of history, a long time ago. Meanwhile, Mogilo is getting tough on Rossi. And this year he comes to us with full contemplation. 2021 has been a year full of ideas so far, but you can return to 2020 to find a season full of disappointments and disappointments. The trend continues: Rossi has qualifying issues, with rare exceptions, then struggles in the race. Seeing him fight without structure among many fast youth is not for good reason. He often talked about how long he would run as long as he was able to compete, But now he seems to be ignoring what he has said in the past. Set it up in a factory team or with factory bikes He is judging jockeys like Franco Morbidly to race with less competitive bikesOthers get in the way of trying to advance in terms of jobs. This is an unpopular opinion, but the symptoms persist: Fabio Quartararo is overshadowed by him compared to 2020, and Morbiddelli would always beat him every weekend with his two-year-old bike.“Scott Books.

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Conclusion? “VR46 Academy has worked wonders with its riders, including Morbidelli. Now, however, these great accomplishments are brought into question through his stay with the Factory Bike“. So For his project on young riders, Rossi must sell his bike to Morbidelli, Perhaps he will reassert his status as a legendary driver at Mugello with an indifferent gesture towards younger generations.

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