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The magic of the Fiat 500 is also due to the special editions like the six-wheeled Lizard or the beach shoes like the popular Jolly

Fiat 500, Jolly, or Lucertola: Most Premium Special Edition
Fiat 500, Jolly, or Lucertola: Most Premium Special Edition

Fiat 500 told the story of Italy. It accompanied the development on the Italian roads, and became a status symbol of the economic prosperity of the first generation. It’s also an example of geometry, introduced in 2019 in Moma (Museum of Modern Art) in New York at the “The Value of Good Design” exhibition.

The Turin sub-agreement had already attempted to invade the United States. One of the first special editions, in fact, is 500 America Which differs from the classic for the new lights and a different bumper. But after the initial curiosity of this car which is very different from the American standard and the strange sound of the engine, the feeling fades and production stops after four years.

Among the most unique special editions, Sure “orchid” appears, A variant that was initially born as the personal production of Two Brothers. Then it gets an unexpected success for its reliability off-road, even on complex roads like mule tracks thanks to its six-wheel drive, a unique case in the 500.

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Fiat 500 Jolly, the most famous beach at the time

Fiat 500 Jolly, the most famous beach at the time (Getty Images)
Fiat 500 Jolly, the most famous beach at the time (Getty Images)

Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular of the special editions 500 Jolie made by Ghia’s body Between 1958 and 1966. It can be considered the most famous “beach” at that time, without doors or windshields, and can also be used as a golf car.

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These models, designed for short trips to holiday resorts, were a true status symbol of that time. Mundane requires a means of transportation capable of translating need into carefree. And so on Small cars on the seashore, Almost four transition wheels from Vacation magic of the Romans to Vespa.

Awarded in 1959 with the Compasso d’oro, a recognition by design experts for creations able to differentiate themselves in terms of style and innovation, Jolie conquered the elite of high society at the time.

Aristotle Onassis, Attorney Agnelli, Leopoldo Perelli, John Wayne, W. Even Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

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The Fiat Giardiniera is also strangeIt was produced by Fiat until 1968 but lasted until 1977 under the guise of Autobianchi Giardiniera 500. It was 21.5 cm longer than the standard version and was distinguished above all by its so-called single engine, that is, distributed horizontally under the top. From download.

More extreme, finally, Not Jamin 500 by Vignale Coachbuilder. The compact size turns into a compact yet elegant two-seater spider, with the 500 Sport engine and a large head grille. A prestigious model that is also very popular in England.

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