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Windows 11 About to arrive, but it seems that most PC users He. She He ignores completely. According to a recent survey by, which was conducted on a sample of 1,042 Windows users on September 17, 2021, only 38% of users are aware of the launch of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021. They were able to tell if their system was a good fit To move to the new operating system.

The remaining 62% simply did not know the presence of the new Windows, although there is no Marketing campaign swing, with commercials released on very popular channels such as ESPN and UFC. Obviously, Microsoft’s efforts have not been enough and need to be strengthened in some way. Or we simply have to admit that there is a large segment of users who struggle to learn more about these topics.

Windows 11 it logo

For the rest, we remind you that Windows 11 will be released in the form Free update For all owners of Windows 10. To check the compatibility of your PC with Windows 11, you can download a filePC Health Checker app. If so, you can still force the installation starting from the ISO of the new operating system provided by Microsoft itself in time.

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