Moscow responds to Washington’s sanctions: 10 US diplomats expelled. But the will to hold a meeting between Biden and Putin remains

It took 24 hours Moscow To respond to penalties imposed by management Joe Biden Which targeted 32 Russian individuals and entities linked to the government and intelligence, while ten Russian diplomats, largely identified as 007, were expelled from the embassy in Washington. The Russia Therefore, he responded by expelling my theoretical for 10 American diplomats, a ban entrance In the country with big shots like a minister justice And headFBIAnd other measures that make life difficult for the U.S. Embassy in Russia. However, this is the real news The Kremlin He chose not to interrupt the dialogue with Joe Biden, Just as the most hard-line Russian elite circles expected. In short, the top between Put it in And the new tenant of White House, Suggested by Biden Just a couple of days ago, it seemed to be safe. And this speaks a lot about the Tsar’s desire to sit, equally, at a table with his counterpart outside.

Intention to meet a Russian American – A spokesperson for Put it in, While describing the punishments as “unacceptable” and “obsessed” United States of AmericaAt the beginning of the day, her judgment was “positive”, will Biden For dialogue. He stressed, “Our president thinks so, too.” Dmitry Peskov In its brevity. In the background of course the usual problems. Meanwhile, theUkraineTensions remain high Moscow urge Emmanuel Macron e Angela Merkel To press Kiev Why “stop” with provocations in Donbas. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr ZelenskyMet yesterday Macron And he presented him with a long list of grievances for what he saw as Russian deficiencies on the negotiating front. Then he presented him with a declaration signed by him supporting his country’s accession to the European Union.

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Attempt Zelensky For European train connection (in addition Then) As quickly as possible, as a way to shelter from the apparent Russian pressure. The United States of America – In words – they support, the Europeans are more chilly. Here because Put it in He cares a lot about the summit Biden: He wants to create a Link Personal With him and see if he can come from (show that al The Kremlin I totally understand Opening signals Launched by the new US administration, net of harsh rhetoric and Penalties). Yes, penalties. The Restrictions Buying Russian debt by financial institutions to the stars and stripes will be the difficult part, with the “teeth”, revenge United States of America to confusion Russian But bonds can be negotiated by any means if purchased from Brokers Immediately positively prof Moscow. So go on.

Moscow sanctions – But pride wants its share. So they stopped the expulsions – which technically “suggested” to the diplomatic headquarters United States of America – An “invitation” was also expressed to the US ambassador John Sullivan To return to Washington For consultations. The pressure also includes the big names of the Biden administration, andAttorney General (Minister of Justice) Merrick GarlandHead of the FBI Christopher RayHome Affairs Adviser Susan riceMinister of National Security Alejandro Mayuras And the head of National Intelligence April Haines. All heroes, second MoscowFrom the campaign “Against Russia”. It is for this reason that they are banned from entering the country.

Package Measures – which also includes bans on American diplomatic offices To recruit local employees, or from third countries, which is a complication, not a little, Process For such complex structures – then they are clarified for themselves Sullivan During an interview in The Kremlin. All precautions which, in the diplomatic world where form is the essence, give the idea of ​​a measured reaction after all.

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So it’s really contradictory, but so far, between penalties and expulsions, it’s been an attempt to melt the deadlock between them Moscow e WashingtonOr, at least the desire not to regress, seems likely. More than a few days ago. The bans are back and forth also with Poland: After the transmission Warsaw Who declared three Russian diplomats “persona non grata”, Moscow He responded, and relaunched it, expelling five Poles.

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