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Morocco, exports to the UK grow by 51%: ‘to become the first supplier in Spain’

The Imports From United kingdom Fresh produce from Morocco, West, sunset I By 51% In January 2021 compared to January 2020. The North African country could quickly overtake Spain and the Netherlands as the number one supplier of fresh produce.

In a message recently posted on Twitter, Robert KimbleA British politician said that the UK currently accounts for around 6% of Morocco’s total exports. And – in his opinion – the number could rise in the coming months, thanks in the first place to the new maritime connection between Tangiers and Paul, which will start work soon.

Robert Kimble

According to data published by HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs), British imports of fresh produce from Morocco increased + 51% in January 2021 by 30,648 tons, compared to January 2020 (20,236 tons). In the same month in January 2021, Morocco overtook the Netherlands, which exported only 25,495 tons to the United Kingdom.

According to Robert Kimble’s predictions, it is only a matter of time for Morocco to overtake Spain and the Netherlands to become the UK’s largest supplier of fresh produce.

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