Morning 5 studio excitement, Federica Panicucci: ‘This is also happening live’

A small unexpected event prevents Mattino 5’s live broadcast but Federica Panicucci immediately steps in to calm the mood.

The beauty of live broadcasts, you know, is that there are things that can get away with a director’s control. This time it was Mattino 5, the historical morning info and entertainment program that aired on Canale 5. Presenter, Federica Panicucci found herself dealing with a minor inconvenience that made the studio buzz But, fortunately, it didn’t hurt the transmission’s progress.

The episode is in the discussion center

During the second part of Morning 5, the section devoted to the most important topics, the show’s attention turned to Prince Philip’s funeral and above all to the relationship between Harry and William. According to protocol, the two should not be next to each other in the funeral procession, consisting of only 9, after Filippo’s coffin. However, at the end of the ceremony The two brothers had an unexpected connection: They walked side by side and exchanged a few words, foreshadowing a sign of affinity.

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The meeting between William and Harry

Accompanied by Kate, William’s wife, the two brothers walked back down the stairs that led them on their way to church. It was an informal but especially meaningful conversationBecause William and Harry did not meet face to face before the funeral.

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Background revealed by the Daily Mail

Added to this are other details revealed by the Daily Mail. According to the planned organization of the funeral, the Queen’s family will, at the end of the ceremony, have to ride in the same official cars that they arrived in St George Chapel. Actually, There was someone from the royal family who suggested walking, thus creating the ideal conditions for rapprochement between the two brothers. The incident prompted Lieutenant Colonel Federica Panicucci to investigate the matter with a journalist directly connected.

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what happened

The moment the connection started, an unexpected event occurred: A man passed by the journalist, Causing some embarrassment. Federica Panicucci immediately stepped in to reassure the reporter and calm the atmosphere in the studio: “No, Christina, don’t worry. Someone walked in from behind You, that’s why there is a turmoil in the studio. Go ahead quietly, and this is also happening live. “

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Who was the “infiltrator”

The man who passed by the journalist was none other than Benno, a software technician, Panicuchi would later explain. After overcoming this unexpected little event, Morning 5 host is back on the topic, William-Harry. It is not yet clear what the two have said, but there appears to be a preliminary clarification. According to rumors, in fact, Even Harry has decided to stay longer than expected in the UK. Could Philip’s funeral be an occasion to bring all family members closer together? Who knows, it’s still early to say. However, the way events unfolded portends reconciliation.

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