More than 927 million euros

The (record) turnover recorded by Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti spa in Chiari on June 30, 2022 is close to € 1 billion: sales amounted to € 927.130 million, according to approved financial statements, an increase of € 344 million over the previous year (as of June 30, 2021 ) and which Mean in percentile +59%. A historic result, achieved due to higher prices but above all due to an increase in sales of less than a third. However, the shadow of a significant slowdown hovers over the numbers: the estimate is already -30% in the first months of the new year.

Mill Drawing Carlo Gnutti

Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti is part of the history of the Brescian economy: founded in 1947 for the production of semi-finished copper and aluminum products, it has become a copper specialist and one of the main players in Italy and Europe. The headquarters – in Via San Bernardino in Chiari – extends over an area of ​​367,550 sqm, of which 159,750 sqm is covered: the factory is equipped with continuous, semi-continuous and stationary casting plants, extrusion sections of high capacity presses with high technical content, drawing sections for billets and wires and cold rolling sections .

Business volume and investments

There is also a chemical laboratory for real-time analytical checks on production (chemical analyses, mechanical and metallurgical tests): finally, smoke reduction, water purification and sound insulation systems are installed. The company now has 411 employees, but work is underway on a new plant—an investment for more than that 100 million euros – in the ex-Durpress spaces between Chiari and Urago d’Oglio, which should create a hundred new jobs (probably working within the next two years).

In terms of numbers, the company – which is still family-run: the chairman is Enrico Ginotti, his deputy is his brother Gianfranco – closed the 2022 financial year with revenues of 927.130 million euros and a gross operating margin (ebitda) of 79.613 million. : net profit is close to 40 million (39.549 million euros to be exact) an increase of more than 10 million over the previous year, which equates to +33%. Curious note: in 2022 the independent Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti was included by Statista among the top Italian companies “Best Employers in Italy”.

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