More than 1,600 “Iron Athletes” are ready at the start of the road

More than 1,600 athletes from around the world are ready for the building blocks for Ironman 2nd Edition 70.3 Venice Jesoloscheduled for Sunday. The administrations of Jesolo, Cavallino-Treporti and Iraclia presented the event. “We can’t wait to witness this wonderful moment of sport – Jesolo Mayor Christopher de Zuti commented – last year the city greeted the Ironman with some shyness, but today the will is to make the city live this full demonstration.”

At the start of this second edition, set at 7.30 on Lighthouse Beach, there will be over 100 professionals, which is big news for 2022. Men represent 84.46% of participants and women account for the remaining 15.54%. Italy, where 859 athletes compete, is the most represented country (39%). It is followed by Austria (9%), Germany (8.5%), the United Kingdom and Switzerland (7%). However, in Jesolo, athletes from all over Europe and the world will reach a total of 60 countries represented.

A wonderful sporting day in which spectators are welcomed in the three cities. In Jesolo, the “Piccho” roundabout tunnel will always be usable, in both directions, while the roundabout will be in effect from the north, heading west (Cavallino-Treporte) along Via Roma and via Adriatico (District Route 42). For the second cycle of the event, the construction of an elevated lane dedicated to athletes at the roundabout that sees through Mamele Cross through Martin Luther King, and later through Kennedy is also emphasized. “We are proud to embrace a world-famous brand, and are aware of the ramifications that the related activities will bring and the economic benefits to the entire region,” continued De Zotti.

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To this crossing point of the racetrack, also secured by buses, a second elevated lane has been added which will be established in the western region, more precisely, at the intersection between Via Buonarroti and Via Ceolotto-viale Padania. In this case, the height of the structure will allow the passage of vehicles less than 3 meters. These days, two points are subject to interventions to prepare the structures, but feasibility is always guaranteed through some deviations. Together with the mayor of Jesolo, Cavallino-Treporti’s advisor, Niccolo d’Este, Iraklia Mayor Nadia Zanchen. Also in attendance were JesoloVenice Federation President Luigi Pasqualinotto, and Race Director Ironman 70.3. Venice Jesolo Andrea Camporesi, and South Emea Ironman Operations Director Ferran Jimenez.

To connect Jesolo to the surrounding grounds, a Cortellazzo bridge over the Cavetta Canal and a boat bridge over the River Piave via Revedoli will also be available. These two intersections will be passable from approximately 12:00. The administration, along with the event organizers, also detailed the timing of the athletes’ passage along the track. This will allow the most important intersections to be freed from the barriers, allowing vehicles to cross, albeit with the precautions envisaged for roads that will be returned to free use condition only at the end of the event. Even the beaches will be freely available.

“Every year we take a new step forward towards something even more important – which D’Este emphasized -. Cavallino-Treporti is happy to host the cycling department because of his profession to experience the region in this way, but in general I believe that outdoor sports should become a specialty of our municipalities.” Pasqualinoto then highlighted the positive effects of the province: “On Sunday we will have about 1,600 athletes accompanying at least two people each for 4 or 5 days. All this, as well as other current events, determines the presence of about 35,000 people in Jesolo. Next year we aim, if not three times, to more than double this result.” In fact, the 2023 edition that will take place on May 7 has already been confirmed.

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“We already have 800 members for next year – Camporesi announced -. This is, in fact, one of the fastest in the world which is why it represents a growth in engagement. The goal for next year is to cross the 3,000-member threshold.” In Jesolo, the city most affected by the tracks, along the areas affected by the racetrack, from the lighthouse to Piazza Mazzini, the paved march will be allocated to the athletes, but it is still possible to get to the beach from the manned gates and move by moving on the sand. Iron Man 70.30 Venice Jesolo It’s a very attractive event because the city is chic and – Jimenez concluded – everyone feels welcome and the city is easy to get to. We are already in the works for 2023, and the hope is for continued cooperation.”

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