More stable frame rate on PS5 compared to Xbox Series X, according to video comparison –

According to a video comparison I posted on YouTube by ElAnalistaDeBits, Marvel’s Avengers It has a slightly more stable frame rate PS5 Of the Xbox X Series, Even if we talk very little things, i.e. the high frequency of oscillations at a frame rate or two fps on a Microsoft console, it is pretty much imperceptible without the use of some measuring tools.

Overall, Marvel’s Avengers performs well in all display modes, with variable display resolutions of 4K / 30FPS and 60FPS. As for the rest, the game is qualitatively uniform on both platforms, with major improvements in image quality in the most extreme mode. Among the differences, stand out the higher drag distance of the X-series version (which could also explain the greater frame rate fluctuation) and the PS5 version’s faster load times.

To be determined in Confrontation video The version is also included Xbox S, Which turned out to be the weakest of the three, especially in terms of resolution and image quality, even if it maintains a great consistency in the frame rate.

As for the rest, we remind you that Marvel’s Avengers is also available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you want more InformationRead our game review.

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