More immersive horror games thanks to Sony’s new patent –

Sony recently recorded a file patent Associated that can increase the definition and dynamism of different video game genres, especially those of the horror genre PS5. Specifically, we are talking about a system that is capable, using various extensions, on it Capture players’ reactions, while adapting the gaming experience accordingly.

According to what you mentioned GameRant, the patent description states that in modern titles to change the game world, specific input from the player is required, such as pressing a button. Otherwise, he is forced to attend a written sequence over which he has no control. So the patent proposes the idea of ​​a system capable of capturing facial expressions, sounds, gestures and even the heartbeat of players through peripheral devices such as microphone and camera, using this information to change the game experience in real time.

PS5, Sony’s new patent to capture players’ reactions

For example, if a player reacts with “jumpscare” in survival horror thanks to this system, the title itself can increase or decrease the intensity of the action. Or imagine if the Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation was able to discover a hidden player thanks to their real-world reactions. We’ve obviously brought horror to the table, but this system will likely be put to use in multiple genres with increased immersion, combined with the PS5’s Dualsense’s adaptive haptic feedback and triggers.

To see if the patent will become a reality or if it will remain an ambitious dream for Sony, we just have to wait.

Meanwhile, free PlayStation Plus games for October 2021 have been announced.

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