More and more Italian scientists are working on a protein that suppresses tumors and Alzheimer’s disease

If on a daily basis our editorial staff is concerned with informing readers with articles on health, then the merit is also scientific research. The Italian is very important. Our researchers and scholars are really in demand and appreciated abroad. A certificate from the Nobel Prize in Physics was recently presented to Italian physician Giorgio Baresi. Brexit also testifies to the fact that Italians are valued abroad as researchers and scholars. Separating from Europe amid thousands of controversies, the British realized the danger of losing many Italian scholars. And it is precisely in this regard that in this article we will see how more and more Italian scientists are working on the protein that suppresses tumors and Alzheimer’s disease.

Important protection for the cell nucleus

he is called Pin 1 This protein whose name seems to belong more to cell phones than to science. However, we can define this protein as a guard for our brain. According to Italian but also international studies, Pin1 appears to be able to protect the cell nucleus from aging. Technically, in fact, there could be a link between cell nucleus degeneration that leads to tumor and neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, laboratory data indicates that when this protein increases exponentially, tumors are more likely to form. However, in the absence of it, our bodies are exposed to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


More and more Italian scientists are working on a protein that suppresses tumors and Alzheimer’s disease

So, although it is a complex but very important issue, we can really define Pin1 protein as the ‘cell guard’. Scientists also agree that this protein can protect us from oxidative stress and thus aging. Pin1 would also be a kind of regulator for other proteins specifically to maintain our DNA. Practically speaking, it will also act as a “controller” of the natural stresses that affect us as we age. Likewise, as seen above, it is studied direct link to cancer.

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According to international studies, if we do these jobs, we may be more likely to get cancer

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