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In Valais, teachers and students who were not vaccinated in high school are required to wear a mask. Melanie Levy, a professor at the Neuchatel Institute of Health Law, does not see this as discrimination or a violation of medical confidentiality.

Health decisions made at the beginning of the school year in Valais for post-compulsory students caused an increase in space. The problem is to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated students, the latter of which is required to wear a face shield. “From a legal point of view, there is no unequal treatment or unjustified discrimination,” Melanie Levy told ATS. He considers that the decision to free the vaccinator from certain obligations, in this case wearing the mask, is a “justified and non-discriminatory measure”. Forcing others to wear protective clothing is “not even discriminatory”.

It is a public health policy based on the will to protect the population, especially the people at risk. Moreover, the measure is proportional, as no student is prevented from coming to class,” adds the New Castellana Health Law Professor who has analyzed the various measures implemented by the federation and the cantons since the beginning of the pandemic.

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