More and more African Americans are returning to the Black Continent

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ROME, June 11 – In 2019 the government of Ghana She launched the Year of Return, an initiative aimed at encouraging African Americans to rediscover their origins. The year of the event was no coincidence, it occurred exactly 400 years after the first ship full of slaves left what is now Ghana to reach Virginia, and the Ghanaian government hoped that thousands of African Americans would return home thanks to this memory. Not only as tourists but also as investors who are determined to stay in the African country to bring capital and knowledge. It’s been four years since then, by some estimates almost 1,500 African Americans decided to leave the United States to settle in Ghana.

Homecoming, Ghana Project for African Americans (and not only)

In short, the expedition had some success in not only attracting African American tourists, but also in convincing many of them to settle in Ghana. In this regard, the government offered various incentives such as suspending relocation costs and negotiated with several village leaders to purchase 500 acres (250 ha) of land to allow hundreds of families to relocate. According to data provided by the Ghana Tourism Authority, only from January to September 2019 to September 2020 were 237 thousand tourists visited GhanaAn increase of 45% over the previous period. With the return of Africans to Africa, the aim is also to stimulate tourism and develop the economy in sectors hitherto the preserve of Westerners. By the way, in Ghana Obviously, the cost of living is lower Compared to the USA, African Americans feel welcome.

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