Monza, via Valosa: Work in progress at the gym

Business in the green zone of via Valosa di Sotto In Monza Construction From the new gym in San Fruttuoso. in the last days The area that coincides with the football field has been cordoned off, and management has announced that goals and nets behind balls will be recovered and repositioned in an additional playing area in the same neighborhood..
His project in recent months The region is highly divided Among the promoters of the initiative are those who have proposed the reconversion of the former bowling alley in Ezio Road, a sports facility that is currently underutilized.

Monza, a gym in Via Falusa: the entry of 500 thousand euros, paid by the private individual

According to the municipality, the private operator will carry out the work with its own resources in the amount of just over 500 thousand euros: “The intervention is actually foreseen as part of an agreement signed to implement an agreed building permit, of which three-quarters are as an additional contribution without deduction of urbanization costs (structure, €354,099.93), and the remaining quarter deduction of fees (dressing room block, €149,885.07)He reads a note in Piazza Trento.

Monza, gymnasium on Via Falosa: the San Fruttuoso Committee for the Common Good asks for a step back

Making a public sports area with free entry uninhabitable, moreover coinciding with the end of the school year, where children can frequent, and since the construction site has not started yet, seems to us a real abuse of powerTo talk they are members San Fruttuoso Commission for the Common GoodThis is in response to the announcement of the start of construction work at the end of June for the construction of the new sports facility.

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We ask the mayor, Dario Allevi, and city planning advisor, Martina Sassoli, to remove barriers unnecessarily blocking access to the football stadium, and to open the construction site only after all permits have been issued and the executing company has been satisfied. All the necessary procedures to start the business effectivelyThey continue from the committee.

Monza, a gym in Via Falosa: the other project of via Ticino

Dislike is also the suggestion that Mayor Allevi . predicted To take back the football dress in another area of ​​the neighbourhood, in the green area of ​​Via Ticino, where – according to the mayor – a basketball jersey will also be built on the street. “This is unwelcome interference by the residents, weakening the reinforcement of Villa Toronto (which will find itself in front of the new sports grounds, ed.) and which could disturb the peace.“.

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