Montezemolo, see his Ferrari? Amazing parking

Former boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is fond of Ferrari. Unique parking garage.

Ferrari’s best years took place under the leadership of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. Bolognese, son of Massimo Cordero di Montezemolo and Clotilde Neri, came from a noble family. After graduation, he decided to continue his studies at Sapienza University in RomeHe obtained his law degree in 1971.

Montezemolo Ferrari F1 (Ansa Images – Adobe Stock)

At the age of twenty-four, he traveled to the United States to obtain a master’s degree in international law from Columbia University in New York. His life should have been behind the desks of the most important studios in the worldBut his passion for engines led him to participate in some races in a Fiat 500.

Luka’s offerings were far from frivolous, having also conquered the gods Good placements in international rally events on the FIAT 124 S and 125 S. At the time, Cesare Fiorio, who was working in the sports department at Lancia and Fiat, noticed Montezemolo’s talent and secured him a Fulvia 1.6 Coupe HF for the Italian rally.

In 1973, Enzo himself welcomed Luca Cordero di Montezemolo into the large Ferrari family. Drake had heard a speech of the young man on the radio and called him to Maranello. The rest is history. As racing team manager, Montezemolo has led Niki Lauda to success, as he celebrated three Constructors’ Championships in a row. In Formula 1 from 1975 to 1977 the Reds dominated. After that, Bolognese worked for many years in the Fiat group, but his love for Ferrari prompted him to take back the reins of the Modena house.

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Ferraris Montezemolo

Montezemolo was one of the main architects of Schumacher’s five golden years, entering the hearts of Reds fans. Such a successful president could not fail to be honored with a special Ferrari. Montezemolo, on the occasion of his wedding, received it as a gift from Gianni Agnelli In 2000 the amazing 360 Modena.

He was commissioned to build a one-of-a-kind gray Ferrari Spider F1. As you can see in the video, it is not just an open-top dream car, but a premium model associated with the world of Formula 1. The 3.6-liter engine delivered an impressive performance With technology inherited from experience in the first category of motorsport. Vasser spills the beans on Ferrari: here’s what happens.

Other supercars from the previous boss

Another amazing model that Montezemolo keeps carefully in his garage is the 348 TB. In this case the former Ferrari boss chose yellow Modena. Under the hood, there was still the V8 engine, arranged centrally but in a longitudinal position. The car, aesthetically, recalls the Testarossa with its retractable lights. The Berlinetta boasts 300 horse power.

Montezemolo also chose to keep the 599 GTB Fiorano. The car, which embodies the two core values ​​of the House of Modenis, namely elegance and sportiness, represents an era. The design of the 812 Superfast was adapted from the F12berlinetta on the 599. Montezemolo will certainly have many other notable cars in his garage, but these three models best represent the idiosyncrasy of a wild horse. Also considering his driving skills, Montezemolo must have made the engines of all his cars sing.

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