Monster Hunter Rise, collide with Khezu in gameplay video –

Monster Hunter Rise He returns to show himself in Video About thirteen minutes off Play Captured by Game Informer editors, which includes a frantic encounter with a On top.

Also confirmed on PC, Monster Hunter Rise will feature the usual and all-out monsters encounter creature More or less dangerous, somewhat or less dangerous, and an accurate strategy will be required for each of them.

As you can see in the video, Khezu is not gifted with extraordinary lightness, but she knows how to defend herself very well thanks to Electrostatic discharge Who is able to emit and surround his body.

In fact, the battle is completely one-sided, which is a clear sign that the party characters are already well equipped and have the skills to defeat a monster of this type without major problems.

However, the sequences also reveal some Ads That we will find in Monster Hunter Rise in terms of mechanics, able to make the fights faster and more dynamic than the traditional seasons in the series.

Now it is close toDirector From the game, which will be available at Nintendo Switch Starting March 26.

Monster Hunter Rise, an amazing fighting scene with monsters.

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