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Automobili Lamborghini has been synonymous with it for over 60 years innovation. A few weeks ago, we saw the launch of the first high-performance V12-powered plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Today the brand reveals to us Unique technical solution in the current automotive landscape.

We are talking about RL 744based on a new framework inspired by aviation, the monoplaneIn addition to the all-carbon multi-technology monocoque bodywork, the front frame also features forged composites, a proprietary material composed of short-fiber carbon fibers in a resin bath, patented and used by Lamborghini in its first structural applications since 2008.

What is a monocoque

Another step forward for the Lamborghini compared to the Aventador, both in terms of torsional rigidity and in terms of lightness and driving dynamics. The LB744 is the first super sports car with a full carbon fiber front bodywhich ensures a high performance in energy absorption capacity, with a ratio of 2:1 compared to the aluminum body of the Aventador Ultimae, along with significant weight savings.

The LB744’s monocoque is 10% lighter than the Aventador’s. Torsional rigidity has been significantly increased, helping to ensure best-in-class dynamic qualities in terms of stability, responsiveness and control during sporty driving.

Another important development is in the use of carbon makes LB744 unique, It is the rocker ring, a single ring component in CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) that is the supporting structure of the vehicle.

frame making

The design concept behind the development of the new monocoque is On the basis of maximum integration between components, It has been maximized thanks to the introduction of forged composite technology. Realizing components in Forged Composite also improves efficiency and increases sustainability throughout the manual production and assembly process.

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to me roof construction The technique of making the composite in autoclaves with pre-impregnated materials, more traditional but no less performing: the carbon in the autoclave meets high technical, aesthetic and qualitative requirements, along with the ingenuity of highly specialized hand lamination that comes from years of excellence in the in-house production of composite components. This choice offered by Lamborghini will undoubtedly guarantee the customer maximum versatility in customizing the roof.

The rear frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and features two significant hollow castings in the rear dome area, which integrate the rear suspension attachments and support the power unit on a single component with a closed inertia section, ensuring significant weight reduction, increased rigidity and a significant reduction in lines Welding.

LB744 marks a new “year zero”. With regard to the use of carbon in automobile production, it is summarized by the acronym AIM (Automation, Integration and Modularity) where automation translates into the introduction of automated and digital processes in the transformation of materials, while preserving traditional Lamborghini manufacturing also in the field of vehicles.

Integration instead refers to the integration of multiple functions into a single component through The development of technology Compression molding, a molding process for preheated polymers capable of ensuring the production of volumes in a wide range of lengths, thicknesses and intricacies, ensuring maximum integration between components to ensure high performance and torsional rigidity. Finally, Modularity tends to make the technologies implemented to respond to all the characteristics and requirements of a modular product more flexible and efficient.

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