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Monkeypox, the first case in Australia

In Australia, it was the first case monkeypox And again, waiting for confirmation. The patient with a known infection resides in Victoria and is a 30-year-old maleI recently returned from Great BritainThe relevant health department reported. Now in solitary confinement, he developed mild symptoms before landing in Melbourne on Monday and seeking medical help immediately. The Track your flight attendants in progress.

The suspected case dates back to last Friday and concerns a man in his forties from neighboring New South Wales, who had recently returned to Sydney from Europe. According to health authorities, the patient developed a mild illness several days after returning to Australia. He is in isolation at home with a local person.

Despite the name, for the pathogen that causes the disease Monkeys are thought to be ‘false guests’The virus is believed to be spread in rodents. “monkeypox” It is not easily transmitted from person to person – Specified Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer of Victoria – because it requires direct skin-to-skin contact with broken skin, fluid or pus or prolonged face-to-face contact for respiratory transmission.” Those who generally contract and develop “muscle aches and fever” Before a rash appears, it may be painful and itchy.”

Kerry Chant, NSW’s chief health officer, explained that “the state has issued a notice to primary care physicians and hospitals, and contacted sexual health services to raise awareness of cases identified abroad and provide useful advice for immediate diagnosis”.

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