Monkeypox, a case in Livorno. ASL: “The patient is fine”

in hospital in Livorno first case monkeypox. He is a young man currently in the Department of Infectious Diseases under the direction of Dr. Spartako Sani. The positivity towards the disease, which is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, was diagnosed through the samples that were sent to the laboratory of the University Hospital of Pisa: “He is indeed the second patient we have admitted to the hospital – in the words of Sane -, and his condition is stable and she is. It is under observation. Ongoing, and at the moment, there are no items of particular concern.”

The chief medical officer calls on all citizens to remain calm because “the infection, and the exclusion of sexual intercourse, is very limited and therefore does not represent a danger to the general population so far, even if there are more than 500 cases in Italy.” Livorno we are in patient number 1 while in June we were admitted to a hospital from another Tuscan province, he was already cured after about a month in hospital and then we are isolated at home. They are both young men, with a history of unprotected sexual relations.”

What are the symptoms of monkeypox disease?

Monkeypox is a contagious disease caused by a virus similar to the virus that causes smallpox (eradicated in 1980), however, it differs in terms of prevalence and severity: in humans – Sani notes – the disease presents with fever, muscle pain, headache, swollen lymph nodes Skin manifestations in the form of vesicles, blisters, small crusts, ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity and genitals. It usually resolves spontaneously within 2-4 weeks.”

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Monkey pox, what to do if symptoms appear

It is important, in the event of symptoms associated with lesions of the skin and genitals in persons who have had intercourse from time to time and with unknown persons, to contact your doctor or consult infectious disease wards for a prompt diagnosis and to avoid transmission of infection to family members and cohabitants. Home or hospital isolation is required until recovery. “Only with appropriate behavior – the lead doctor recommends – will it be possible to eliminate the phenomenon that may be spreading by creating more adherence to the health system that Covid has already tested.”

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