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Mogliano celebrates Bruna Monarin’s 100th birthday | Treviso today | News

wife Sunday is a festive day in Mogliano Veneto, marking its 100th anniversary Bruna Munnarsurrounded by the presence and affection of many friends and relatives, some even arriving from Australia, some neighbors and also by Mayor Davide Bortolatto, Deputy Mayor Giorgio Copparoni and Social Policy Advisor Giuliana Touche, to celebrate with her this remarkable achievement in the name of the city. Born March 12, 1923Bruna lost her mother at the age of eleven and her father soon after. Growing up on the Via Sassi with her five younger siblings, she found indispensable support in her beloved paternal grandmother. In the 1950s his brothers decided to emigrate, some to Brazil, some to Australia; She stayed in Europe and chose Belgium, where she moved with her newlywed husband (with whom she remembers their beautiful honeymoon in Bolzano by bike!). Showing the goodness of mind that still characterizes her today even then, having learned the French language surprisingly quickly, Bruna introduced herself to accompany Citizens who immigrated to Belgium who do not even know how to read and write in ItalianNot to mention a new language. Shortly after the Marcinelle tragedy, the couple returned to Mogliano Veneto with their two young children, Adriana and Luigi, and settled in the Lazareto region. Bruna today is the grandmother of three young and beloved grandchildren – Giovanni, Ilaria and Matteo – And she never lost the habit of hanging out with people from all over the world. In addition to her relatives from Australia, she has many neighbors of different nationalities, is a dear Chinese friend and lives with Alina, her precious assistant of Ukrainian descent who has been taking care of her for the past 17 years, having also taken care of her husband, Giovanni.

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