“Modest salaries, less under 35 in professorship and 32% on temporary contracts”: Photo of Italian teachers in Eurydice

We are the state with one of payroll Gods teachers More modest than other countries and in the last ten years only in Italy, FrancePortugal H. Slovenia Teachers ’salaries have increased quite a bit. To say this is the report that I published Eurydice, Titled “Teachers in Europe: Career, Professional and Well-Being Development”. Photography for Italy is again Gray pigments. Not only do Italian teachers get a lower salary than their European colleagues, they also have a high percentage (32%) for contracts. Fixed term.

The only positive data is relative to Good From our teachers: the percentage of Italian teachers who reported having sufficient or much experience Stress at work Below the average European adult 46.8%28.9% of teachers answered “enough” and 5.9% “too much”. The problem remains the most to be felt Salary. The report states that “teachers in Italy must work 35 years Before reaching the maximum salary it is approx 50% More than the initial salary. “

Regarding salary, there is a general salary Dissatisfaction Among the European professors and professors. just in Belgium, Denmark , NetherlandsAustria, Finland In England, teachers are more than satisfied or very satisfied with their salaries Average value of the European Union 38%. With Denmark leading the way with approx 70% Of the teachers are satisfied with their salaries. In contrast, in France, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia, few teachers are satisfied, despite the positive difference between them. Pro GDP And salaries.

A position that does not attract young people to do this job. “over there Shortage From teachers – report is cited by Eurydice It’s not a new problem but it appears to have gotten worse in recent years. This issue concerns bin 35 educational systems In Europe (eight of these, including Italy, are oversupplied). Only in three countries (Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Turkey) is oversupply the main problem. “

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In Italy, along with five other countries, it wasaging Of the faculty get along with both Shortcomings however Excesses Display, which makes the overall picture more complex and “requires – say the researchers – a Political response More targeted. “Only with us 6,4% From teachers Under 35 years old; Only the Greece And the Portugal They are worse off at 4.6% and 3.4%, respectively.

Another disadvantage of our country concerns Preparation From teachers: ratio Professional training Included in Study paths To become a teacher, you start from 50% of the total duration of initial training in French Belgium, Ireland H Malta To 8% in Italy e the black Mountain. Finally, there is data on Transnational mobility Of teachers in service below the European average in BelgiumAnd Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Malta, SlovakiaAnd England and Turkey.

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