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Team Bloober, Author of horror games like Blair Witch, Observer System Redux, and Layers of Fear, released a trailer dedicated to Best (and funniest) user reviews By The Medium. The game is already a hit 75,000 reviews on Steam and Microsoft Store. So the development team wanted to celebrate the most interesting things, which you can see in the trailer at the start of the news.

As we all know, Steam is full of users ready to write creative reviews, sometimes even really short, like “You feed a cat. I really love it.” The second user creates a file Nice connection with The Witcher 3, He writes, “This is one of the worlds that Siri ended up with while escaping from Wild Hunt.” The joke is clearly based on the fact that the protagonist in The Medium has white hair at some point, and thus Ciri is remembered.

Mediator: natura duale
Mediator: natura duale

Continuing on the Medium video, we see other reviews, such as “You’ll learn to move your eyes like a chameleon,” referring to the dual nature of the game world. The user, especially seasoned, claims “file mapping.” Drawings on “medium” for an extra, immersive effectOthers simply say it’s their absolute favorite horror game and they recommend purchasing it now.

Furthermore it, The average will get 20% off (Standard) and 25% (Deluxe) on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG through April 16, 2021.. Finally, we point out that Bloober Team is developing new horror with popular publisher.

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