Modena, a memory gym to train the minds of over 75

Memory Hall at the Volunteer Service Center on Matteotti Street 5 in Buffalo

Prevent cognitive impairment by training the mind. From Wednesday 15 June, and every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30, The ‘Memory Gym’ track will give 75-85 year olds socializing and a sprinkle of new energy in their mindsOn the other hand, the brain is a muscle and therefore it must be “trained”.

Bavul municipality

Designed by the municipality of Buffalo Neil Ferignano Thanks to a group of volunteers trained and supervised by the Center for Cognitive Disorders and Dementia (CDCD) in Buffalo Health District, The course will be held in the Volunteer Service Center Hall on Matteotti Street 5 in Bavullo. Subscription is free and you can register by calling 0536-29331 or by sending an email to [email protected] “Prevention is a priority goal – explains the head of the Center for Cognitive Disorders, Simona Muscardini -. Training memory and stimulating attention, language, and the senses is fundamental to counteracting cognitive decline in older adults and promoting social communication.”


C also talked about the projectArlo Cerantoni, director of the Buffalo Neil Friñano Health District. “Gyms are a stimulus and an active exercise for both the participants and the teacher volunteers. We encounter a concrete example of a ‘friendly community’ where the health institution, associations, patients themselves and their caregivers work in synergy to care for a disorder involving people, relationships, activities, and ultimately the quality of life itself, individuals and society.”

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