Model 770/2021: Extension on the road?

An upcoming extension for the 770/2021 model? The National Council of Labor Advisers renewed the request with a letter from President Calderoni to the Minister of Economy and Finance Daniele Franco.

We now have only three business days before the online application deadline for Model 770/2021 Based on Unique testimonials for the self-employed.

The deadline has been complicated by innovations introduced by emergency legislation, with particular reference to the suspension of payments that marked the worst period of the pandemic.

In a note released a few minutes ago, a file President of the National Council of Labor Advisers Marina Calderoni Renew the request to extend this requirement by: Letter to the Minister of Economy and Finance Franco.

Here is the official text of Note in the object:

Three days after the deadline for the submission of Form 770/2021, following the previous note dated last October 13, the President of the National Council of the Syndicate of Labor Advisers, Marina Calderoni, in a letter addressed to the Minister of Economy and Daniel Franco, Finance, renewing the request for an extension until November 30 as the deadline for submission.

The President stresses that the deadline is part of a calendar full of class-specific obligations to which are added the provisions of the recent financial decree (Legislative Decree No. 146/2021) which introduced the possibility of using social safety nets for further periods. Contingencies, which see business consultants participate, along with businesses, in relative management.

Moreover, the technical and operational difficulties already highlighted to the Revenue Agency should be noted, mainly related to the correct assembly of the CES and CGE with respect to the reasons for suspending payments in the emergency period.”

Model 770/2021 deadline extended, critical aspects of the ST and SV panels have already been reported to the Revenue Agency

The request for an extension, as it often happens, is not connected with the multiplicity of obligations that characterize the end of the month.

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until the Model 770/2021In fact, it takes into account the emergency measures adopted during 2020, regarding Covid emergency, but with some operational criticality.

As the press releases issued by the National Council of Labor Advisers highlighted today and last October 13, some problems were revealed in ST and SV plates, 15th column of the 770 . model, that is, with respect to the section devoted to referring to Payments pending for Covid over the past year.

Operational issues are The Revenue Agency has already been notified, bearing in mind among other things that it prevents ad processing.

Waiting for comments, professionals highlight Need to arrange extension from deadline At least as of November 30, 2021, in order to ensure “The calm necessary to do the best work for the benefit of workers and companies”.

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