Model 730: What documents are required?

The time for filling out Form 730 is approaching, which is necessary to declare all income that a citizen makes during the year. Below we report all the necessary documents for assembly purposes, so that you can also independently assemble the form.

The Model 730 He’s been online for two days, so we’ve entered a peak tax declaration Involves any citizen with declared income. To group, there are those who rely on the professional services of an accountant or CAF, while those who decide to Fill out the form yourself.

Those who decide to rely on a third party should know very well All the documents he will have to submit: Let’s explain in the next article!

Documents 730: Beware Personal Documents


The most important documents to hand are those related toThe identity of the applicant: Form 730 In fact, in the case of a family unit, it is requested and filled out by the person who is identified as the head of the household. Therefore, it is necessary to have an identity document or a health card.

Then, it will be necessary, if any, to provide file data other family members. Employer data is also required for employees. At this stage, technical documents must be submitted that will certify the income status: let’s see what they are.

Form 730: Documents Proofing Income Status

tax calculation

Let’s see now What documents must be submitted to certify the applicant’s income status and family unit. The most common cases of employees and retirees, and the documents to be submitted are as follows:

  • 1 certificate (indicated in last year’s income);
  • Certificate of any foreign pensions;
  • For domestic workers, such as maids and caretakers, a certificate from the employer that includes the payments is required.
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In case Possession of land or buildingsit should be noted:

  • real estate survey
  • deed or contracts of sale, donation, division or inheritance;
  • Lease contracts in accordance with Law No. 431/1998;
  • rent from rental property;
  • Copy of F24 for IMU payments made;
  • In the case of rent with a dry coupon, it is required to receive the registered letter sent to the tenant, together with a copy of the contract.

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