Mobility bonus for 663,000 people for electric bikes and scooters –

663,710 citizens took advantage of rewards linked to the reduced environmental impact of commuting, such as a bike or scooter reward. The figure was announced on Wednesday 10 by the Ministry of Environmental Transformation (former Ministry of Environment) led by Roberto Singolani taking into account the latest data of the second and final phase of the pilot program for sustainable mobility in 2020. The allocation introduced by the re-operation was the decree of 215 million euros, which In the end – the data isn’t final yet – it would have been used for about 200 million.

This payment window – written in a memo – relates to 104,985 citizens who bought a bike or scooter between May 4 and November 2, 2020 or used shared mobility services for single use and entered a payment request between January 14 and February 15, 2021 to claim a maximum of € 500 against 60 % Of costs incurred. To date, all incoming orders with a total value of more than 31.5 million have been processed and cleared in relation to the second tranche.

These payments add to the approximately € 99.5 million already paid for the 300,776 refund requests received via the web in November 2020. In addition, nearly € 60.3 million were paid to merchants, compared to the 257,349 vouchers created through the web application in November 2020, out of a total amount of nearly 69 million. Invoices now remain and merchants can invoice them by March 31st. That is why – the ministry’s department tells Corriere – is an estimate that about 200 million euros will be spent.

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