Mobile rewards with extended spending cap rising to 16,000 euros

The extension is also for 2021 and a richer spending cap Mobile rewards. Here’s an update on the 50% tax deductionBuying furniture and home appliancesIt can be used for those who have renovated their homes in 2020 or are about to do so.

The ruling, which was included in the Budget Law for 2021, extended the bonus and increased the spending limit from € 10,000 to € 16,000. In this way, it gave a new opportunity to those who had started work last year and had already spent the entire previous ceiling of 10,000 euros: with the new minimum of 16,000 euros, in 2021, the expenses for an additional 6,000 euros would be eligible.

Mobile Rewards, the new guide to the Revenue Agency

Looking at the latest news, the revenue agency has been updated His tax proof “Reward Furniture and Home Appliances”.
A 50% discount must be calculated on a maximum of 16,000 € and 10,000 €. For purchases through the end of 2021, the benefit must be linked to businesses starting in 2020. Covered expenses are those related to the purchase of large furniture and appliances. The discount will be divided among the beneficiaries in ten annual installments of the same amount. Let’s see the news in detail.

Mobile rewards, what is

The mobile phone bonus consists of a 50% personal income tax deduction on the expenses incurred for a purchase Large furniture and appliances of a class not lower than A + (A for ovens)It aims to furnish a property undergoing renovation. To get the benefit Therefore, it is necessary to make a renovation of the buildingWhether in individual residential real estate units or on common parts of buildings, it is always residential.
As for the purchases that could be facilitated, there is no need for a link between the interventions that were implemented and the furniture purchased, not even with regard to the spending ceiling. So, whoever spends 5,000 Euros for example restoring a bathroom, will still be able to spend up to 16,000 Euros to completely change the furniture of the house, including the kitchen.
For convenience purposes, purchased goods They must be new It can be used to furnish a different room of the same building, taking into account the building interference. The intervention associated with the purchase can also be implemented on a subordinate portion of the property itself, even if it is stacked independently.

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Mobile phone rewards, and are eligible purchases

Discount payable:

  • for every Buying new furniture: Beds, cabinets, chest of drawers, bookcases, desks, tables, chairs, bedside tables, sofas, armchairs, side cabinets, as well as mattresses and lighting fixtures are a necessary complement to the furniture of the property being renovated. On the other hand, purchases of doors, floors (for example, parquet), curtains, blinds as well as other furniture accessories are excluded.
  • toBuy new hardware: Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances, electric stoves, microwaves, electric heating panels, electric heaters, electric radiators, electric fans, air conditioning. The benefit is limited to purchasing varieties with an energy rating of A + or higher (A or higher for ovens, washers and dryers). Purchasing large household appliances without a power label is only permitted if compliance with this type has not yet been established.

The charges to be deducted can include those of Transportation and assembly Of goods purchased.

Mobile phone rewards, pay attention to the start date

to me the shopping Conducted in 2021, Furniture reward should be linked to interventions to restore the building’s heritage that began as of January 1, 2020.

It should be the start date In front of me To that in which the expenses of purchasing large furniture and appliances are incurred, but it is not necessary that the renovation costs be incurred before the home furnishing costs.

Mobile rewards and payment methods

To take advantage of the discount, pay with Traceable tools, And the An invoice or receipt Show the tax code to the person who made the payment. In the case of a bank transfer, it is possible to use the transfer for renewals, or a normal standard bank transfer, always indicating your tax code and the tax code or VAT number of the supplier. On the other hand, the invoice number is not required, so the payment is regular even if the reason for payment is indicated to the order number and not, in fact, to the invoice to be issued later. The discount is recognized in the case of purchases in installments, but the company providing the loan must in turn pay with traceable tools and deliver to the buyer a copy of the payment receipt that was paid on his behalf.
Always make sure to:

  • Receipt of bank transfer
  • Receipt of the transaction (for payments by credit or debit card);
  • Debit documents on the current account;
  • Goods purchase invoices, indicating the nature, quality and quantity of goods and services obtained.
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