Mobile phone, you can finally make your battery last longer: here’s the secret way to charge it

Does your phone run out of power and cut every time? From today, thanks to this trick, you can make your smartphone battery last longer.

How many times have we spent an entire day away from home and found ourselves with a dead phone battery. Unfortunately, we don’t always find outlets nearby to help us, and that adds to our pressure to come home to take matters into its own hands. The real problem is that it happens when we are in places we don’t know and need maps to move us, what a panic!

We now need our phones for everything we need to do during the day, whether it’s for business calls or driving down the street. Because it is used a lot, its battery runs out sooner, especially if we use certain apps that need to stay connected to the network and saturate with memory.

To get water in your throat every day, today we give you some tips on how to make your phone battery last longer. In fact, there are some precautions that we can apply in order not to overstress and damage the battery, because if it is kept in good condition, it may last longer over time.

How to make your battery last longer

Over time, batteries gradually lose the ability to store energy. It is no longer about the so-called memory effect of the first mobile phones (which used technologies based on nickel-cadmium or on nickel-metal hydrate). Modern batteries do not suffer from it, but they are sensitive to the chemical phenomenon that they suffer from Reduces its ability to store energy With increasing charge cycles (charge from 0 to 100 and discharge from 100 to 0).

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Capacity degradation phenomenon Lithium ion batteries It is exacerbated by temperature. how many batteries are warmer As they work (therefore, the faster the recharge or the more power the processor and other components require), the The faster the battery capacity decreases.

How much should it cost?

Experts advise to take responsibility Battery between 20% and 80%, do not charge it 100% and do not download it to the end. It can be inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be done all the time and many phones now have a smart charging system that slows down the charging process to save life.

Also, better Avoid leaving your phone charging all night Or at least keep it in a file cool environmentBatteries consume less if they are recharged at a temperature in between 15 and 25 degrees.

less energy

Charging your phone battery quickly is great, but it’s not good, and it’s best to do it slowly. to avoid Even if that is possible high power chargers And go slowly, making the charge denser and faster for what’s really needed. on me Iphone You can do this by selecting in Battery settings and Battery status Optimal download option.

Turn off services

From personal assistants like Siri and Google to location systems that remind us to do our shopping when we’re near a store, there are many Phone functions that make it active Even when it does not help. It would be better Turn it off or limit it to the basics by changing the settings in Privacy & Location Services for iPhone and in Security, Location & Location and Advanced for Android.

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In addition to Bluetooth and wifi, when you don’t need them, it’s best to stay away from them. For Android, you also need to go to “Advanced configurations and app permissions for Prevent individual apps from using location services in the background.

Make time on the phone

A habit of many is that Force quit apps when not in use. but This is a mistakeBecause the phone consumes more in the long run. The reason is that we educate him poorly.

The latest operating systems learn from our habits, thanks to artificial intelligence, when apps are paused or reopened. If we enforce lockdown, we won’t let them learn.

If we still want a file Less consumptionOn Android, you can choose apps to consume (in advanced options, battery and restrictions in background) while for iPhone you have to go to General, Background App Refresh and also here Choose Apps by App (You can also block all of them).

Shift to the dark side

The most modern and expensive screen phones use OLED technology. This technology Turns off pixel lighting When you have to show black. For this, owners of iPhone Xs onwards and those with the latest Galaxy or Google Pixels can simply use the dark mode.

According to Google, this is the way its phones are They consume 63% less energyWhile analysts say iPhones increase battery life by 30%. In dark mode, the white on the screen turns black and the overall consumption decreases.

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