MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass, Sony explains his reasons for choosing it –

MLB Show 21 It will be freely available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass From the first day, April 20, and Sony I wanted to clarify who I am Reasons Behind a choice many PlayStation users did not appreciate.

As we know, in fact, not many Sony fans have received MLB The Show 21 advertisement on Xbox Game Pass, so the Japanese home, which has ended up at the center of controversy, even the ferocious, has revealed it. This decision was made by MLB.

“In order to achieve the target set for this year, MLB He decided to open the franchise to more baseball players and fans, ”a Sony spokesperson said, justifying the decision to make the game available to a broad base of Game Pass subscribers.

This decision represents a unique opportunity to further promote MLB The Show Basem The mainstream brand In video games for baseballThe Japanese company statement concludes.

In short, there was Major League Baseball To claim the series is also on Microsoft’s platforms, and to take advantage of the enthusiasm about Xbox Game Pass in order to increase the game’s popularity.

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