MLB, the North American Major League Baseball, has stopped waiting for a union agreement between players and team owners

All operations within Major League Baseball, the world’s premier league baseball, have been banned, and will remain so until the owners of the league’s 30 teams and the players’ union find a new collegiate agreement, after which the “last five years” are agreed upon. Before, it ended at midnight Wednesday. For MLB, this is the first “shutdown”, as this situation is called in the United States, in nearly thirty years: it canceled the last full season with catastrophic consequences.

The federation demands adequate compensation for young players, greater contractual freedom and an increase in the so-called luxury tax Each team from 210 to 245 million dollars. It also calls for increased competitiveness within the league through a series of structural reforms. The owners instead believe the players already have one of the best contractual arrangements in American sport and have other needs, such as expanding the playoffs, which are now played by ten teams. Commissioner Rob Manfred hung The start of the shutdown says, “It’s a tough day for baseball, but like I’ve said all year, there’s a path to a fair deal, and we’ll find it.”

To avoid faltering too long, on the last day before closing, league teams invested a total of $1.4 billion in selling players. The most significant post was that of Max Scherzer, the bowler of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who joined the New York Mets for $130 million in three years.

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