Mistakes we all make and they spoil quickly

Errors occur that damage our mobile phone and damage the battery, which is harmful to the operation of the device.

mobile phones
mobile phones

Over the years I mobile phones A real revolution has passed. If we think about their appearance size At the beginning of trading and if we look at them now, great strides have been made in Technique it is in process.

Multiple new devices mission It allows us to be in touch in every way and form. but the the battery It always remains a big problem. Despite its small size, downloaded immediately batteries It doesn’t last until the end of the long day.

certainly benefit charger wireless We can take it anywhere and this allows us not to search desperately for an electrical outlet to charge cell phone As it happened in the past

Let’s analyze the bad together Habits We usually have around the battery when we use our battery cell phone.

Learn how to use battery to improve phone performance

mobile phone battery
mobile phone battery

for health the battery Born in cell phone By itself, it is enough to download it between files 20% and 80%. But let’s see specifically me secrets To make the battery last longer.

When we upload a file Device Avoid doing this in his own coverage Because this causes the mobile phone to overheat and dissipate the load the battery. Avoid charging your mobile phone through USB port Computer because it greatly slows down the battery charge.

Avoid charging the battery in 100% And always leave a small percentage unloaded and be sure to charge the battery Several times a day instead of once and intensely.

The common habit of everyone is to charge the mobile phone all the time night. This must be a mistake turn it off or put it into position Offline online During the night. Please recharge between 20% and 80% Before doing this, make sure that our phone does not do this It will be downloaded Overnight.

In general, do not leave completely I empty This may cause the battery in general to malfunction. This is why a good technique is to charge the device a little bit at a time, while avoiding the battery It is reset.

Another tip is to avoid using a newly purchased mobile phone, because the battery It’s not quite Pregnancy. It is indeed advisable to keep him in charge for some hours In order to ensure a charged battery it’s a cell phone New and ready to use.

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